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Syrian Refugee Children Need our Help

No day passes by without horrible news of people, who under brutal circumstances try to cross the borders to a safer place. Refugee centers and receiving countries are overchallenged by the number of Syrian refugees. (Re-)Acting quickly is especially important for Syrian refugee children who have gone thtough traumatizing experiences. 

Thousands of Syrian children are waiting for help in Lebanon. They need sensitive and caring help to deal with their experiences of violence, war and flight. 

The Hilfswerk Austria International project's goal is to faciliate a better life for Syrian children and youth who managed to flee into the neighoring Lebanon. The way to get there is helping to deal with experiences of violence and flight on the one hand, and taking care of the children's education on the other. 

In three Children Centers near Lebanon's capital, Beirut, the children aged 6 to 14 have someone who takes care of their fears and worries. They have the chance to go to school and play with other children. Leisure activities like gymnastics, theater and conversation groups help them to account for their experiences of the young past. 

We need to help the childred quickly. After the traumatizing experiences in the war zone they need a safe place. Syrian refugee children need our help now.

Your donation gives the children hope. You decide how much you can give - any amount can work miracles. 


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