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Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

A partnership with Hilfswerk Austria International brings advantages for everybody.

A Sponsoring Partnership with Hilfswerk Austria International

Why a CSR-partnership with Hilfswerk Austria International?

Because Hilfswerk Austria International is the "somewhat different relief organization":

  • We provide efficient and sustainable assistance to others so they can help themselves. Only assistance which is planned for the duration makes sense in the long term.
  • We actively want to improve Austria's image in the rest of the world. It is important for us that our aid projects show that the assistance comes specifically from Austria.  
  • We work together with business. This cooperation far exceeds the sponsoring partnerships: we also promote project sponsorship programs and support Austrian business initiatives such as training and instruction programs in our target countries.

Since our foundation in 1996 we have proven that we are reliable partner for our sponsors and project supporters - including the EU, European governments and successful enterprises at home and abroad.

We would also like to cooperate with you!

How does your company profit from a sponsoring partnership? 

Other than with a donation, a sponsoring partnership will provide you with specific rewards:

  • Improvement of image
  • Competitive advantage
  • Innovative communication channels
  • Increase in popularity
  • Employee retention
  • Specific CSR-Tool

Competitive advantage as a result of an improvement of image: social sponsoring is one of the most efficient PR instruments, providing companies a genuine image boost and thereby a particular competitive advantage: recent studies show that up to 30% of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on socially relevant criteria which are not related to the product.

Innovative communication channels are indispensable due to the overall saturation of the market. Sponsoring is increasingly becoming an attractive instrument of corporate communication.

Increase in popularity: you gain popularity among consumers and your employees because of your willingness to assume social responsibility.

Social sponsoring is one of the most credible CSR tools which combines active CSR with outstanding potential for PR and publicity work.

Beyond economic success, with your sponsoring you also make an important social contribution: your sponsoring partnership enables the successful continuation and long-term development of Hilfswerk Austria's programs.

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