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Skills to Succeed

Actions against high unemployment rates in the governorate of Tatouine


The governorate of Tataouine in the far southeast of Tunisia suffers from high rates of poverty and unemployment, with an unemployment rate of approximately 50% among graduates, whose acquired skills and qualifications are of no use in the job market.

Skills to Succeed (STS) is the fruit of a partnership between OMV an Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA). It is showcased through vocational training and economic development initiatives aiming to boost employability and income generation through targeted training and business development initiatives.

The first STS training program offered an internationally recognized certificate by TÜV to 20 welders at the Tataouine Vocational Training Centre. The four month training started in April 2013 and finished with 100% certificate rate. The first economic development program consisted of an animal feed pilot experiment which is implemented in Ksar Hdada. Technical training in both initiatives is complemented at the STS Centre where trainees´ soft skills are enhanced through entrepreneurship, HSSE, English language and life skills training.

The project aims to impact a large number of direct and indirect beneficiaries through various initiatives. Beneficiaries include unemployed youth striving for a brighter future, women and unemployed university graduates getting prepared for new professional challenges, business and community leaders striving to be more effective.

STS enjoys an oversight coordinated between senior OMV and HWA Executives and is implemented by a team of international Experts supported by Tunisian professionals. As trainers we only hire local experts, mostly from Tataouine.

To ensure success we work closely with the Tunisian Ministry of Training and Employment, the national Agency for Vocational Training, the Tataouine Vocational Training Centre, local authorities led by the Governor of Tataouine as well as Tataouine NGO´s and OMV contractors.

Account for Donations: „Tataouine"
IBAN: AT 716 000 000 090 001 002

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