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Study/ Master thesis on Socio-Economic and livelihood opportunities of local communities in Tajikistan, Kyrgzstan and Afghanistan



Ihre Aufgaben

The announced project will be responsible for undertaking the following tasks:


·         To generate a database on socio-economic and livelihood status of local communities in these regions;

·         To evaluate the perception of local communities natural resources problems and degradation (sustainable forest management);

·         To assess their willingness, preferences and participation in further forestry activities ( reforestation, afforestation);

·         To assess the existing forest policy legal frameworks towards participation of local communities in forest management activities.

We are searching for a serious, highly motivated and cooperative student with a social forestry/ecology background, who is looking for writing a Master thesis at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria. The applicant should be able to analyze the collected data by the research team members of PAMIR project in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. The thesis should be started from June 2012 and  it must be written in English. Moreover, a basic level of Russian knowledge would be an asset for communicating with local people as well for collecting existing literatures in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.  Furthermore, the applicant should visit to the above mentioned target regions at least once with the project coordinator. A duty station will be Hilfswerk Austria International (HWA) office in Dushanbe between June -October 2012.


Logistic facilities and limitations

The PAMIR project will cover an international flight from Vienna to Dushanbe (two sides: economic class) and an accommodation will be provided in Dushanbe (a guest house in the HWA office) as well as in other target regions (up to 5-6 days).  A travel to target regions (Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan) by office car will be available with other project staff, but a separate car or travel facilities will not be provided independently. However, the applicant should be responsible for his/her insurance and food allowances.  




Ihr Profil

Study on Socio-Economic and livelihood opportunities of local communities alongside the Pyanj river between Afghanistan and Tajikistan and Chon-Alay valley in Kyrgzstan: A potential reforestation within the framework of the Poverty Allevation trough Mitigation of Integrated High Mountain Risk (PAMIR) project.

The extended Pamir region of Tajikistan with its border regions to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, characterized by high altitude and continental climate with extreme seasonal precipitation regimes, is suffering from the effects of global warming. Melting glaciers, rising permafrost boundary, and higher climate variability accelerate the degradation of soil and vegetation, the decline of biodiversity and (as a consequence) influence the flow regime including quality/quantity and occurrence of natural hazards. But, there is also a dramatic human induced degradation process. During the last two decades it is estimated that the dramatic clearing has reduced the once dense Pyanj riverside forests between Afghanistan and Tajikistan and Juniperus forests in Chon-Allay valley by 70-80%. The forests have been converted to cropland and meadows to keep up the population growth. Widespread poverty and fuel scarcity, but also lack of forest management, have accelerated this process and ultimately affected the local communities and their day to day life. There is an urgent demand to evaluate the sustainability of forest use management as well as its affect on the rural people. Therefore, one of our main objectives within the framework of the Poverty Alleviation through Mitigation of Integrated high mountain Risk (PAMIR) project is to assess the socio- economic condition and possible livelihood opportunities of  local communities along the Pyanj river between Afghanistan and Tajikistan and as well as Chon-Ala Valley in Kyrgyzstan for  a potential reforestation.




An applicant should send his/her CV including motivation letter to Ms. Gulnaz Jalilova,; and copy to by 08 June, 2012.  Thank you for your interest!


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